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Our Organization

The Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association
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Board of Directors
Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association
Established May 10, 1864

2012 Officers/Directors:
John Eisses - President
Robert Peill - 1st Vice President
Stephen Van Meekeren - 2nd Vice President

Michael Walsh - Past President
Mary Lou Power - Treasurer

Dela Erith - Corporate Secretary / Executive Director


Retiring in 2012 - Carolyn Bishop, Mary Lou Power, Phillip Rand, Craig Nichols, Jim Stirling

Retiring in 2013 - Donnie Connell, Ann Lockhart, Andrew Parker, Blake Sarsfield,
Waldo Walsh

Retiring in 2014 - Brian Boates, Lloyd Dyck, Peter Eisses, Doug Nichols, Peter Sanford

2012 Scotian Gold Director:
David Cudmore

2012 Processor Directors:
Leonard Sarsfield - Apple Valley Foods Inc.

2012 Canadian Horticultural Council Rep./Director:
Andrew Bishop

2012 Group Leaders
Crop Use - Andrew Parker
Operations - David Cudmore
Production - Blake Sarsfield
Protection - Doug Nichols

2012 Committees/Chairs:
Annual Convention - Robert Peill
Business Risk Management - Mona Hennigar
Education - Mary Lou Power
Finance - David Cudmore
Human Resources - Lloyd Dyck
Integrated Fruit Production - Rob Smith
Management Team - John Eisses
Packer - Michael Van Meekeren
Nominating - Mike Walsh
Processing Committee - Inactive
Production - Blake Sarsfield
Quality and Storage - Stephen Van Meekeren
Research & Development - Andrew Bishop
Resolutions - Stephen Van Meekeren

2012 Other Appointments:
Apple Blossom Festival Rep. - Lloyd Dyck
Healthy Eating Nova Scotia - Mary Lou Power
NSFA Council of Leaders - John Eisses
NS Agricultural Water Group: Keith Fuller
NSFA Wetlands Advisory Group - Andy Parker


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