Origin Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Kentville, Nova Scotia, 1978.
Parentage McIntosh x complex parentage. See comments section below.
Availability Early mid September on from selected outlets.
Source Several nurseries.
Quality Mild aromatic, sub-acid, sweet, juicy, crisp, moderately firm. Fairly similar to McIntosh.

Size Medium, may be somewhat small.
Surface Smooth and glossy.
Ground Colour Greenish cream to cream.
Over Colour 40-75% medium red to dark red on exposed cheek.
Flesh Colour Cream to creamy white.
Harvest Season Late September, a week before McIntosh.
Storage Stores well.
Strains None known.

Vigour Moderately vigourous.
Habit Upright spreading to spreading. Thinner wood than McIntosh; often has split terminals (bifurcations) which need corrective pruning. Limb breakage due to brittle wood occurs more frequently than with most cultivars.
Precocity Very good.
Fruit Placement On laterals and spurs.
Bloom Period Medium to late.
Pollination Other diploids in the same bloom season. Usually sets well but does not set heavy clusters.
Nutrition Normal as for McIntosh.
Crop Heavy cropper. Appears to be more annual than biennial.
Synchrony Usually can be harvested in a single picking. Very prone to pre-harvest drop, as is McIntosh.
Adaptation Seems suited to Nova Scotia type climate. Somewhat sensitive to pre-bloom spring frost.
Disease Reaction Immune to scab. Resistant to cedar apple rust. Somewhat susceptible to quince rust and frog eye leaf spot.
Insect Reaction No special reactions noted.
Rootstock Has performed well on all the stocks tested.

Novamac is a scab resistant cultivar with many similarities to McIntosh. Fruit size is not quite as large as McIntosh and may be under 2" from unthinned and unpruned older trees.

Parentage: McIntosh x (NJ 24 x PRI 47-147)
NJ 24 = [Melba x (Wealthy x Starr)] x (Red Rome x Melba)
PRI 47-147 = Jonathan x [(Rome Beauty x OP) x (Rome Beauty x M. floribunda 821)]
1/2 McIntosh, 1/8 Jonathan, 2/16 Melba, 1/16 Red Rome, 2/32 Rome Beauty, 1/32 Wealthy, 1/32 Starr, 1/32 M. floribunda, 1/32 unknown

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