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Welcome to the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association Web Site.

This web site is your online source for Nova Scotia apple information. Here you will find information for consumers, retailers, growers, kids, and teachers - plus tasty recipes for everybody!

Some of the finest apples in the world are grown in the beautiful seacoast province of Nova Scotia.


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Everyone loves to eat fresh Nova Scotia apples and pears, but why stop there? These two fruits are so versatile they can make almost any dish special! From the dessert classics to soups, salads, appetizers, and main dishes - you name it! These are recipes that are sure to satisfy!


It seems good old mom was right! Apples are a nutritious and delicious way to live a better life. Bite into some great news on the benefits of apples, fantastic eating recommendations, new research developments and some yummy low fat Nova Scotia Apple recipes!


This section of the Nova Scotia Apples web site provides material designed to assist teachers instruct their students about apples. The material is quite extensive and covers grades primary to eight.


Serving the Industry for 150 years - 1863 - 2013

Released:  The publication, "Comfort me with apples: Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association 1863-2013" by Dr. Julian Gwyn.  Buy your copy at the Scotian Gold Country Store in Coldbrook, NS. 

RECIPES from the Kilted Chef!
Salted Caramel Apple Poutine &

Apple Pie Smoothie

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