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Apple Growing Areas

Apples love Nova Scotia, especially the Annapolis Valley, where they grow best! What makes the Annapolis Valley so perfect for growing Nature's Crunchy Munchy?

Strong winds can blow blossoms and apples off their trees. The Annapolis Valley is sheltered by mountains that protect the blossoms and apples from strong winds.

Apples do not grow well in very hot or very cold areas. The Annapolis Valley is adjacent to the Bay of Fundy, which keeps our temperature from getting too hot or too cold.

Of course, apples get thirsty, too. Most apple growers do not have to water their trees with machines because Nova Scotia weather is usually wet enough!

You may have noticed the brilliant red colour of apples grown in Nova Scotia. Our combination of warm days and cool nights is unique in making apples a beautiful red!

Apples are grown in five main areas in Canada. These areas are:
1. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
2. Saint John River Valley, New Brunswick
3. Southern Quebec
4. Areas of the St. Lawrence Valley and around the lower Great Lakes of southern Ontario
5. Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Map of Canada

Activities - Apple Growing Areas in Canada

Activity 1
Ask students to find and colour the apple growing areas of Canada on a map.

Activity 2
As a class, or in groups, point out the five main apple growing regions in Canada. How are these areas similar to the Annapolis Valley? How are they different? Compare bodies of water, temperature, mountains and valleys, etc.

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