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Apple "Trees"

Characteristic Tree
Give everyone in the class a cutout shape of an apple. Ask them to write their names on the top of the apple.  Below their names, ask them to write three of their best qualities. For example: "creative," "kind" and "good worker."  Collect the apples and paste them on a big drawing of an apple tree in the classroom. This is a Characteristic Tree.

A variation of this activity: Once again, everyone receives an apple cutout. Ask them to write their names at the top of the apple. Next, divide the class into smaller groups of 5 or 6. Give everyone a piece of tape and ask that they help one another tape their apples on their backs. Next, ask the students within the smaller groups to write one thing they like about each classmate on that person's apple (on their back).

Family Tree
Have students make a family tree using a piece of Bristol board. Each family member will be represented by an apple cutout. On the apple, have them write the name of the family member, their relationship to the relative, the relative's birth date, and perhaps one of that person's well-known characteristics.

Birthday Tree
Make an apple birthday tree for your classroom. Write the students' names and birthdays on an apple cutout; display the cutouts on a drawing of an apple tree.

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Apple Activities Side Picture