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Apple Varieties

There are hundreds of apple varieties, but only a few are well known. In Nova Scotia the main varieties of apples are: McIntosh, Cortland, Red Delicious, Gravenstein, Spartan, Idared, Jonagold, Empire and Russet. Variety Chart
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People have invented some very interesting names for different varieties. Have you ever eaten a Mutsu or a Summer Rambo? Some varieties were named after people, like Annie Elizabeth and William Crump. Other varieties have pretty names, such as Discovery, Vista Bella, Sunset, and Fiesta. Can you imagine biting into a Winter Banana, a Sheepnose or a Jupiter? If you discovered a new apple variety, what would you name it?


Favorite Variety:
Ask the students what their favorite apple variety is. Mount a large piece of paper in the classroom and have all the students write their favorite apple variety. In a column beside it, have the students write what they like best about the variety (sweet, tart, texture, colour). See which varieties are most popular with the class - and why.

Variety Taste Test:
Bring several varieties of apples into the classroom for children to sample. Have them record what they liked best/least about each variety on a chart beside each sample (have four categories - taste, colour, texture, other).

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Apple Activities Side Picture