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Apples A to Z

Now that you have learned some things about apples, you can put them all together in this activity. Your task is to complete each sentence using the letter of the alphabet given. The tricky part is each sentence must be about apples in some way. The first one is done for you. Have fun!

A is for APPLE. Apples are Amazing All yearlong. Many Apples are grown in the Annapolis Valley.

B is for ________________________________________________________

C is for ________________________________________________________

D is for ________________________________________________________

E is for ________________________________________________________

F is for ________________________________________________________

G is for ________________________________________________________

H is for ________________________________________________________

I is for ________________________________________________________

J is for ________________________________________________________

K is for ________________________________________________________

L is for ________________________________________________________

M is for ________________________________________________________

N is for ________________________________________________________

O is for ________________________________________________________

P is for ________________________________________________________

Q is for ________________________________________________________

R is for ________________________________________________________

S is for ________________________________________________________

T is for ________________________________________________________

U is for ________________________________________________________

V is for ________________________________________________________

W is for ________________________________________________________

X is for ________________________________________________________

Y is for ________________________________________________________

Z is for ________________________________________________________

Click here, for an example of our APPLES A to Z activity, and some sample answers.

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Apple Activities Side Picture