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Apple Vocabulary

DWARF TREE:  A small tree which produces fruit of normal size.

POMOLOGY:  The study of tree fruit, such as apples and pears.

ENTOMOLOGY:  The study of insects and similar creatures.  (This is very important to the apple industry.)

PASTEURIZATION:  A process used in making apple juice.  Juice is heated to a high temperature to help preserve it.

PLANT PATHOLOGY:  The study of plant diseases.

GRAFTING:  Used to produce a tree of a specific variety.  One piece of apple wood (the variety) is placed into a second piece of apple wood (the rootstock).

PRUNING:  Branches are cut from trees to improve the tree's structure and shape.

VARIETY:  The name given to a type of apple, such as Gravenstein, McIntosh or Idared.

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