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Puzzling Problems

1. Andrew goes grocery shopping with his mother and father. Apples are being sold for $0.49/kg.  His parents buy 3.5 kg of apples. How much do his parents pay for that amount of apples?

2. Apples are put into bags at the apple packing plant. Each bag contains approximately 2 kg of apples. The following is a list of the weights of five bags of apples. Arrange these weights in order from lightest to heaviest.
1.90 kg | 2.20 kg | 2.02 kg | 1.97 kg | 2.14 kg
How much heavier is the heaviest bag than the lightest bag?

3. Four people share a bag of apples that costs $5.89. What is each person's share of the cost?

4. One apple bin holds 800 apples. How many bins are needed to hold 12,000 apples?

5. An apple grower picks 5 bins of Gravenstein apples and 2 bins of Spartan apples. Express this as a ratio. What percent of the total bins are Gravensteins?

6. How much more do five cans of apple juice cost at $1.29 each than five cans at $0.99 each?

7. Each juice pack holds 0.355 L. How many juice packs are required to total 5L?

8. It takes Janice 8 seconds to pick one apple. How many seconds will it take Janice to pick 125 apples? How many minutes? Hours?

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