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The Story of Nova Scotia Apples

The first apple trees came to Nova Scotia in the early 1600s. The trees were brought to Port Royal, Nova Scotia, by French setters. In the 1700s the New England Planters and the Loyalists brought new and different apple varieties to Nova Scotia. Other settlers arrived from Scotland, Ireland and Germany and continued the newfound tradition of apple growing in Nova Scotia.

Apples have been an important part of the lives of Nova Scotians for hundreds of years. Our ancestors used apples to make apple butter, cider, pies, tarts and sauce. Apples were often dried in the fall and then used year-round to make many tasty apple dishes. Children used apples to make crafts, such as apple dolls. Apples were appreciated by every member of the family.

Nova Scotia apples are sold to local markets for fresh eating, or are exported to countries around the world. Many apples are sent for processing into delicious apple products, such as juice, sauce and pies.

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