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Apple Sayings, Stories and Games

The apple of my eye. (Someone whom you adore.)
One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. (One person can ruin things for everyone else.)
The Big Apple (New York City)
Don't upset the apple cart.    (Don't do something that will make you change your plans.)

Adam and Eve - The Biblical tale tells of the trouble that fell upon Adam and Eve when they tasted the "forbidden fruit" (supposedly an apple) in the Garden of Eden.
William Tell - William Tell was a great archer who lived in Switzerland in the fourteenth century. He is famous for shooting an arrow though an apple that was sitting on his son's head.
Newton's Apple - An apple falling from a tree led Isaac Newton to investigate the wonder of gravity.

Snap Apple - Hang an apple from the ceiling with a piece of string. Put your hands behind your back and try to take a bite from the apple while it swings.
Bobbing for Apples - Float some apples in a large tub of water. Try to remove an apple from the tub with your teeth. No hands allowed! You will quickly discover why this game is called "bobbing" for apples!
Games to Predict the Future - Carefully pare an apple so that the peel remains in one long piece. Now close your eyes and toss the peel to the floor. Examine the position of the peel to determine which letter of the alphabet it most resembles. That letter is the first initial of the person you will marry!

Twist the stem of an apple around and around while reciting the alphabet. Whichever letter of the alphabet you are saying when the stem breaks is the first initial of the person you will marry someday!

Activity 1 - Investigate the history of various apple anecdotes. How many can you think of?
Activity 2 - Make up your own apple sayings!

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