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Doug Nichols - Nova Scotia Fruit Grower

Meet our Growers

Doug Nichols  -  Nova Scotia Fruit Grower

Farm name and location?
Apple Lane Farm Inc.
Morristown, Nova Scotia

Years in operation?
18 by me; in the family 52 years prior to that

Number of generations?

Farm history?
The farm was originally bought by my grandfather Stuart Nichols in 1930. My wife and I purchased that portion of the family farm from my father, Vaughn Nichols, in 1987. The farm consists of an apple and pear orchard, raspberries and a feeder hog operation with 1,000 animals.

Crops grown (other than apples)?
Pears and raspberries

85 acres of apple orchard, 4 acres of pears, 2 acres of raspberries

Apple varieties grown?
Gravenstein, McIntosh, Cortland, Spy, Idared, Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Clapp pears

Any unique systems, experiments, machinery, etc.?
• In 1985, experimented with high-density orchard systems, including V-trellis and Vertical ax
• Thinning trials
• Integrated Pest Management Technologies blocks
• Rootstock comparison trials
• New varieties planting for the Grower Testing Association
• Soils project - orchard establishment
• Alternative weed control trial

Future plans?
Have been planting approximately 4-5 acres/year for the last four or five years. Density ranges from 350-500 trees/acre. Plans are to do the same for the next couple of years.

Association involvement, positions held, etc.?
I am a member of the Nova Scotia Fruit Grower's Association and have served as Chairman of the Orchard Tour Committee, the Storage and Marketing Committee and the Grower Processor Committee. I am presently a member of several NSFGA committees. In December 1998, I received the Golden Apple Award for best young grower's contribution to the apple industry. I am also a Past Chairman of the Nova Scotia Tree Fruit Research Foundation.

1992 - BSc in Plant Science (Horticulture) - NSAC
2002 - Master of Science in Agriculture

Family info?
My wife Marlene and I have been married for 16 years. We have four children:
Robert - 8 years old, Allyson - 6, Elaine - 4 and Elizabeth - 3.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing apple growers (local and/or national)?
The biggest challenge facing local apple growers is to increase our yield.

Why did you choose to farm (why do you like it)?
I chose farming because I like to grow apples.

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